If you have had melanoma, you may be at increased risk for developing a second melanoma, or recurrence, in the future. Follow-up management of melanoma after treatment is extremely important. When second melanomas are found and treated early, the prognosis for long-term, disease-free survival is encouraging.

If you have melanoma or are caring for a loved one with melanoma, you may have questions about coping with day-to-day issues or with feelings about the disease. Help is available. Local and online support groups give patients and their partners the chance to talk to others who know what they are going through. They can be a valuable source of information about melanoma, treatments, and side effects.

In this section, you will find information about the type of follow-up treatment recommended for your stage of melanoma, and the continuing importance of early detection. This section also provides information about caring for a loved one with melanoma and where patients and caregivers can turn for support.